Admission Information

If you are going to be admitted to our hospital, you should consider the following guidelines and recommendations.

  • To formalise your admission, you should go to the Admission desk, located in the main reception (ground floor), and submit your details and documentation.
  • Please make sure you arrive to the hospital at the time indicated by the doctor’s office to avoid unnecessary delays.
  • Go to the hospital with your I.D. and if you are covered by an insurance company, please bring the card and the authorization form issued by the company. In case of coming referred by the Social Security, please bring your health card and the referral from (volante).
  • For the admission of patients who pay directly, you must make a deposit of 50% of the total planned expenditures for hospitalization or surgery. The deposit can be made by cash, bank transfer (attach receipt), cheque or credit card.
  • It is advisable to provide all documents and / or medical tests related to your condition or disease, which could be relevant to the medical team who will be looking after you, and if it is your first time, you should also bring a list of medications you are currently taking.
  • Once the admission procedures have been formalised at the Admissions Service Centre, the patient will be treated and will receive all the care needed, by our professionals, whose directions must be followed carefully to make the stay in the centre as satisfying as possible.

Meals are served to patients according to a schedule and to the diet prescribed by the doctor.
Breakfast: 08:30
Lunch: 13:00
Afternoon Snack: 17:00
Dinner: 20:00


The hospital is not liable for any object property of the patients. It is important to leave them at home or to give them to a relative to take home (jewelry, money, etc.).
If those options are not available, they can be deposited in Administration.

Credit Card

Hospitalization can be paid by credit card.


The discharge will be given by the doctor who will provide the patient with the relevant documentation.

  • Before leaving, patients must be sure to have all the information needed, especially instructions about the care at home, medication to take and rehabilitation (if required) and an optional revision date.
  • Patients must go through reception before leaving the hospital to complete departure procedures.
  • If the patient doesn’t have health insurance, he/she must pay the costs after the stay at the hospital.
  • If the patient has got an insurance policy or the treatment is covered by the Social Security, he/she must contact the insurer to check that the procedure is covered and bring the confirmation, if this hasn’t been done at the time of admission.

Recommendations in case of intervention
  • Before the intervention. If on the days before surgery you feel any discomfort such as temperature, pain, etc.., please call us and we will inform you about the steps to take.
  • The day before. 6 hours before surgery please refrain from eating, drinking or smoking. In the 24 hours preceding the intervention, follow the directions that have been prescribed in the pre-anesthesia consultation and consult your doctor before taking any other medicines.
  • The day of surgery. Please shower and bring comfortable clothes. Do not use cologne, perfume, nail polish or makeup. Please bring with you your personal and clinical documentation. The number of relatives or friends that can come with the patient is two for children and one for adults. (See information on admission).
  • After the intervention. You will remain under the care of qualified staff, until the doctor authorizes the transfer to a hospital room and / or the discharge.
  • Prior to discharge, the centre’s professionals will give you instructions for your recovery at home (diet, medications, activity, etc.). We recommend you ask someone to go home with you. Remember that you cannot drive.

Once home.  For your ease and comfort, we advise you to be with someone during the 24 hours following surgery. Do not make any physical effort. Do not drink alcohol until you are fully recovered.  For any questions or complications please contact us. We are at your service.