In Hospital CHIP Complex we are pioneers in the use of the latest technologies applied to ophthalmology, allowing us to offer a portfolio of comprehensive services and according to the parameters of quality and reliability that our patients deserve.

It is noteworthy also our Unit Retina, with prestigious specialists who apply innovative and unique techniques nationwide that do not exist or are not implemented in Malaga, like retinal surgery interventions with microincision techniques that do not require sutures and allow rapid integration into working life and family

– Cornea Pathology (dry eye, conjunctivitis, keratitis …)
– Pathology of the macula (macular hole, epiretinal membrane …)
– Cataract.
– Presbyopia.
– Glaucoma.
– Lazy eye.
– Obstruction of lacrimal tract
– Neurophthalmology.
– Diseases of the retina, uvea and vitreous.


Retina and Vitreous unit

The Retina and Vitreous unit of hospital CHIP complex is in charge of the diagnostic and treatment medical and surgical of the diseases that affect to the retina, uvea and vitreous.

The most common pathologies we treat are:
– Rhegmatogenous retinal detachment.
– Tractional retinal detachment.
– Peripheral retinal degenerations.
– Vitreous Pathology.
– Diabetic retinopathy.
– Hypertensive retinopathy.
– Retinal vein occlusion.
– Arterial occlusions of the retina.
– Retinal vascular abnormalities.
– Macular degeneration.
– Choroidopathy central serous
– Cystoid macular edema
– Macular degeneration associated to the age (AMD)
– Myopic maculopathy
– Macular epiretinal membrane
– Vitreomacular traction syndrome
– Hereditary retinal degenerations and choroid
– Uveitis
– Tumors of the retina and uvea


Diagnostic tools at our disposal:
– Complete ophthalmologic examination.
– Retinal scan using scleral buckling.
– Amsler test.
– Fansworth test.
– Perimetry.
– Retinography.
– High resolution optical coherence tomography (OCT).
– Ophthalmic ultrasound.


Treatments we perform:
– Scleral retinal detachment surgery.
– Retinal detachment surgery with vitrectomy.
– Macular surgery with 25G vitrectomy microincisional.
– Surgery of surgical interventions complications of cataract surgery: Dislocation, crystalline or remnants of cortex, intraocular lens dislocation.
– Vitreoretinal surgery and uveitis.
– Medical and surgical treatment of acute endophthalmitis, subacute and chronic.
– The posterior pole trauma surgery.
– Using liquid perfluorocarbons and silicone oils.
– Argon and diode laser treatments.
– Ambulatory use of Intravitreal gas
– intravitreal injections of antibiotics, anti-angiogenic and long-term anti-inflammatory.
– Administration of specific retinal pathology antioxidants


Pathology of the lens and anterior segment
Diagnosis and surgical treatment by micro-incision of cataracts using phacoemulsification by:
– Monofocal lenses.
– Diffractive lenses
– Toric lenses

Medical team:
Dra. Vidal Fernández, Mª Pilar
Dra. Sredojevic, Ana