Obesity Unit and Metabolic Diseases

Obesity is a serious chronic disease characterized by the excess of fat in the body, can be caused by many causes and numerous complications, since it is a risk factor for chronic cardiac diseases, diabetes, hypertension…

The Hospital CHIP Obesity Unit and Metabolic Diseases focuses on the comprehensive treatment of obesity and related diseases or metabolic, as in the surgical treatment of Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus.

The unit consists of a multidisciplinary team of specialists, which allows to carry out all the obesity surgery techniques both laparoscopic and through open conventional.

In addition, the multidisciplinary approach enables a holistic treatment to our patients including monitoring by an endocrinologist and support by specialists in nutrition and dietetics. All this complemented with the team of psychologists of the hospital CHIP complex .

Restrictive endoscopic techniques:

– Intragastric balloon is placed endoscopically orally.

Minimally invasive restrictive techniques :

– Adjustable gastric band or gastric ring is placed by laparoscopic surgery.

Pure restrictive techniques:

– Tubular gastroplasty or gastric sleeve, is done using laparoscopic surgery.

Mixed techniques (restrictive and malabsorptive):

– Gastric bypass.
– Bypass bilio-pancreatic.
– Duodenal switch.

All can be done laparoscopically and, in special cases, conventional open surgery.

Professional medical team:
Dr. Glückmann Maldonado, Enrique (General and digestive surgery)
Dr. Rivas Becerra, José (General and digestive surgery)
Dr. Rivas Marín, José (General and digestive surgery)
Dª Cuberos Vicente, Cristina (Nutrition and diet)
Dª Camacho Lennuyeux, María Luján (Psychology)
Dr. Perea García, Juan Rafael (Digestive system)
Dr. Martínez Galindo, Alejandro (Aesthetics and Nutrition Medicine)
Dr. Zamorano Vázquez, Damián (Endocrinology)