The mission of CHIP Integrated Private Hospital is the excellence in the services rendered to the patient through a comprehensive and innovative clinical practice based on the person’s dignity and the respect for human life. With this in mind, CHIP is committed:

To customers: to provide efficient, rigorous and responsible medical care, always with the aim of constantly improving, and to offer a service of the highest standard, both on the way we treat people and they way we perform. This service will be close to the identity and uniqueness of each patient, who will always be considered in all his/her dignity.

To the insurance companies:  to keep a relationship of trust and security that will result in the successful development of both companies. All patients, regardless of their insurance company or provenance, will be treated equally and our aim, together with these companies, will be the complete satisfaction of the patients.

To our employees: to foster teamwork and professional development in a pleasant and friendly work environment. This in turn fosters the commitment of each employee to carry out their jobs with a spirit of service, spirit of achievement and the highest possible professional and human competence.

To society: to contribute to the improvement of health education and prevention through informative and training activities. In addition, CHIP will offer support and facilitate the work of patient organizations and groups who share our commitments and whose activities will clearly be socially beneficial.

In short, CHIP will promote a way of working consistent with our commitments to strengthen values ​​such as Trust, Honesty, Initiative and Perseverance.  (CHIP is the acronym for those words in Spanish: Confianza, Honestidad, Iniciativa y Perseverancia).