Trauma, Orthopaedic surgery and Sports medicine

Málaga traumatologistCHIP Hospital Trauma, Orthopaedic surgery and Sports Medicine service has a reputed team of professionals with extensive experience serving the areas of outpatient visits, hospitalization, surgery and emergency surgery scheduled.

Supported by the most advanced techniques of imaging, this service is complemented by the specialties of Neurosurgery, Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation, Osteopathy, the Ozone Unit and the Pain Unit.

24 h Emergences
Trauma surgery: Fractures, dislocations, pseudoarthrosis…
Hip prosthetic surgery: Primary arthroplasties and replacements. Minimally invasive arthroplasties.
Prosthetic knee surgery: Primary and rescue arthroplasties.
Hand surgery: Acute and chronic tenosynovitis treatment, carpal tunnel syndrome, treatment for Dupuytren’s contracture, treatment for fracture after-effects, scaphoid pseudoarthoris, wrist arthroscopy.
Foot and ankle surgery: Percutaneous foot surgery, ankle fractures, foot diseases open surgery, ankle osteochondritis, Achilles injuries, etc..
Joint arthroscopic surgery:

  • – Knee arthroscopy: Meniscus and chondral pathologies, meniscal tears, mosaicplasties, ACL and PCL ligament injuries, degenerative pathology, tibial plateau fractures.
  • – Shoulder arthroscopy: Relapsing glenohumeral instability repair, rotator cuff injuries, ecidivante, lesiones manguito rotador, Superior Labral tear from Anterior to Posterior, Pitcher’s shoulder.
  • – Ankle arthroscopy: Osteochondral injuries, ankle arthrodesis, anterolateral and rear impingemet.
  • – Hip arthroscopy: Femoeroacetabular impingement treatment, chondral injuries, mosaicplasties.
  • – Wrist arthorscopy: Triangular ligament treatment, wrist fractures
  • – Elbow arthroscopy: Arthrofibrosis, epicondylitis, chondral injuries.

Prosthetic shoulder surgery.
Rachis surgery: Herniated disks, selective arthrodesis, vertebroplasty.
Child Orthopedics and traumatology.
Regenerative medicine treatments: Growth factors and stem cells.

Medical team:
Dr. Alba Tercedor, Juan Antonio
Dr. Casielles Javaloyes, Rafael – Childhood Congenital Malformations
Dr. Fernández Gallego, Alfonso
Dr. Ferrer Lariño, Carlos
Dr. De la Varga Salto, Vicente
Dr. Pérez Frías, Juan Carlos – Sports Medicine
Dr. Machado Baldasano, Alberto
Dr. Mora Villadeamigo, José
Dr. Nogales Zafra, José (Coordinator)
Dr. Sebastián Bueno, César
Dr. Royo Navarro, Antonio
Dr. Gámez Moreno, Davinia

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