Traffic Accidents Unit

Málaga Traffic Accidents UnitThe Integral Treatment of Traffic Accidents Unit of the CHIP Hospital Complex is integrated by an experienced multidisciplinary team of professionals who provide comprehensive healthcare to those injured in traffic accidents until their total recovery or stabilization of sequels. This assistance is integrated within the framework of the Convention of the Spanish Union of entities insurers and Reinsurers (UNESPA), to which CHIP is a member.

Under the UNESPA Convention, all injured – drivers, occupants, cyclists and pedestrians – regardless of whether they are guilty or not, are entitled to receive FREE health care :
 –  First emergency visit (24h)
 –  Hospitalization
 –  Diagnostic tests
 –  Consultations with specialists
 –  Surgery (if necessary)
 –  Consultation with rehabilitation doctor.
 –  Rehabilitation treatment

In order to guarantee quality healthcare, in addition to providing a wide range of professionals and the most advanced technology, Integral Treatment of Traffic Accidents Unit of CHIP Hospital Complex is responsible for all the necessary management with its Insurance company at no cost, so your only concern is to recover from your injuries without having to worry about paperwork.

At the end of your treatment you will receive a detailed medical discharge report, so that you can provide it, if necessary, to the lawyer for the processing of the compensation that may correspond to you.


Traffic injuries should be treated as soon as possible to avoid long-term sequelae. In case of accident or pain following an accident:

 – Go to the Emergency Service of the Hospital Complex CHIP, where you will receive the first attention to leave you in charge of the specialists of the Traffic Unit.
 – In case of having received the first assistance in another center, you can provide all the available medical information you have and also go to the CHIP Emergency Room for treatment and follow-up by the specialists of the Unit.
 – In case of any doubt, you can contact us through the address or in 902 121 001.

REMEMBER: The first assistance can not be given more than 30 days from the date of the accident.

Professional Team:
Dr. Martín Martínez, Francisco Antonio (Valuator medicine)
Dra. Calvo Pulido, Josefa (Radiology)
Dra. López González, Rocío (Radiology)
Dr. Narbona Vergara, Guillermo (Psychiatry)
Dª. Camacho Lennuyeux, Mª Luján (Psychology)
D. Castillo Brito, Raúl (Physiotherapy)
D. Díaz Delgado, Ernesto (Physiotherapy)
Dª. Martín Roldán, Elisabeth (Physiotherapy)
D. Gutiérrez O´Valle, José Luis (Osteopathy)

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Málaga Traffic Accidents Unit