Surgical hospitalization

This unit is equipped with 8 suites and 40 spacious and comfortable single rooms, with a visitor chair and a bed. Each patient has a novel multimedia system that provides, through a touch screen, a complete platform with access to information and entertainment services. This not only improves the patient’s communication and his/her stay, but streamlines the work of health professionals as these systems contain  patient’s medical data such as , diagnostic tests, treatment  etc.

Medical hospitalization

For non-surgical medical procedure hospitalization, the Clinic of “La Encarnación” has 70 beds in comfortable and functional rooms, equipped with air conditioning and television as well as all the medical equipment necessary for proper health care.

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The design and distribution of the emergency department speed the patient’s referral to the appropriate specialist clinic, observation, surgery, hospitalization or ICU, thanks to an interior corridor which facilitates the fast access to other wards.

  • – Emergency Receiving
  • – Medical Consults
  • – RCP Room
  • – Cast and cures room
  • – Emergency Observation
  • – Emergency Surgery room
  • – Waiting Room

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This unit has 15 modern rooms attended by prestigious professionals on rotating shifts, both morning and afternoon, covering virtually every medical and surgical specialty.

A great advantage of this service is the flexibility and speed of processes due to the interrelation between physicians and the existing digital diagnostic support systems. This facilitates the work of professionals which in turn reverts in value for the patient who benefits from the “all in one day” (testing and diagnosis on the same day).

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The surgical ward is one of the most innovative services of the center, both for its equipment and its technology. It occupies an area of ​​1,500 square meters and has 8 operating theaters equipped with state of the art technology with a modular and ergonomic design, which combined with its digital and wireless system, enables surgeons to achieve the best performance possible and improves patient comfort.

Three of these operating rooms are the so-called “smart” or “integrated”, with a system to communicate by video with the conference rooms of the hospital and operating rooms anywhere in the world. They can transmit images “online”, facilitating consultation amongst professionals and also research training activities.

  • – 5 Operating Theatres for scheduled Surgery
  • – Eye Operating room
  • – Vascular Surgery and Interventional Cardiac Catheterization O.R.
  • – Emergency Surgery O.R.
  • – Pre-anesthesia or induction room
  • – Recovery room (P.A.C.U.)
  • – Day hospital with 12 chairs and 4 beds
  • – Waiting Room

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The ICU comprises 8 beds, two of them in isolation boxes. It is manned 24 hours by a team of specialized Consultant intensivists with wide experience in Intensive care.

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CHIP Hospital has at its disposal a complete and advanced radiology service with a direct imaging system that increases the definition and the reliability of the tests, which are performed in record time. Thus, the patient who comes for a consult to CHIP Hospital can enjoy the so-called “All in one day”, (testing and diagnosis on the same day).

  • – MRI of 1.5 Tesla
  • – 64 slice CT
  • – Mammography
  • – Remote
  • – Ultrasound and color Doppler
  • – Orthopantomograph
  • – DentaScan

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The conference area consists of three interconnected rooms. The rooms can be rented individually or combined and with different room set- ups and configurations to better fit each type of event.

The rooms have two way communication of audio and video with the O.R. which allows for courses and/or conferences to be viewed live and so that those attending can listen and ask questions to the surgeons while they operate.

Technology services

  • – 3 medical approved plasma screens
  • – PA system with wired and wireless microphones
  • – High Definition Projection System (up to 3 concurrent video signals).  Simultaneous connection to the O.R.s.ROOMS SET- UP

Rooms Configuration

  • – Magna: Full capacity of the conference area. Maximum capacity 170 people in
  • – Theater style combined: Room I and II.
  • – Stand alone: Any of the three rooms can be booked independently.

Rooms Set-Up

  • – Theater style: The chairs are distributed in rows to fill the capacity of the room/s.
  • – Classroom: Chairs in front of tables
  • – Conference: a U-shaped table, ideal for business meetings.

Catering inquiries or reservations: Maria del Mar Galán  mmgalan@chiphospital.es


Decorated with pictures from movie scenes, “Doctor Zhivago Restaurant “offers a wide variety of dishes with an exquisite blend of traditional and creative cuisine.

  • – Daily Menu
  • – Combo-plate
  • – A la carte
  • – Breakfast Snacks
  • – We offer catering services for our conference rooms.
    • – Coffee breaks
    • – Finger food
    • – Work lunches

We are located at street level with a separate entrance, on Avenida de Carlos Haya, 121.
Wheelchair access through main entrance.
Catering inquiries or reservations María del Mar Galán mmgalan@chiphospital.es
Surprise a friend and treat him/her to breakfast!


CHIP Hospital has a private parking with over fifty spaces. It is open 24 hours and charges are per minute.

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