CHIP Hospital is born with a service-oriented vocation and it allows me to renew with renovated strength our family’s commitment to the city of Malaga that started my grandfather more than 45 years ago and was carried on by my father.  This commitment means the continuous improvement of the quality of life and health of the people of Malaga. We begin today with the opening of the new Hospital Dr. Burgos, a new step into maturity.



We live in an increasingly demanding society that expects more than just medical care. Aware of this, at CHIP we want to offer a new health concept, that starts by considering each person´s needs, and that provides efficient professional service that is agile, comfortable and close to the patients.

At CHIP, we intend to do the same things others do, but in a different way. Our staff will try to make your stay as pleasant as possible and this aim will guide the daily assignments of each and every one of the professionals who work here.

I hope, from the bottom of my heart, to exceed all created expectations, and if we fail at something, we will strive to improve by listening to our customers.

D. Jesús Burgos Perraut
Managing Director
CHIP Hospital